Jessie gets a new condo in El Paso

Another little wink

Flopped down, Jessie is clearly very comfy in her bunny condo.

Jessie is a wonderful NMHRS foster bun originally from the Albuquerque shelter. Jessie’s new Mom from El Paso, spotted her NMHRS petfinder advert and it was love at first sight. Jessie was lovingly swept up and transported South to her new Texas home. Jessie’s Mom was kind enough to update us on their progress as a new family, including a very curious dog!

Jessie has her own multilevel condo, with lots of free roaming space in Mom’s study. She and her canine friend cautiously touch noses through the condo grids. Her Mom works during the day and this works out nicely as buns are usually most active early in the morning and in the evening.

We have our snuggle sessions in the mornings and when I come back from work. If I delay these times for more than a few minutes, oh she lets me know right away – starts pulling on the towels in her condo or throwing toys around. Message received loud and clear. As soon as I comply with our little routine, she is the happiest, cuddliest and calmest bunny I’ve seen.


Alfalfa galore for a growing girl!

Jessie is settling in well and already knows her Mom’s voice. She will come hopping over to greet her, and the two have bonded over mutually agreeable brushing sessions.

Additionally Jessie’s Mom has so much enjoyed learning about bunny care and house rabbit advocacy that she is looking to get involved in her local area.

For us at NMHRS, stories like this make the hard work so worthwhile, and we’re deeply thankful to Jessie’s Mom for both providing a loving home, and so enthusiastically embracing the subtle art of house rabbit care and welfare.

Jessie has quite an appetite. LOVES her veggies, her pellets and hay. In short, she LOVES food. She is just a great bunny and I am grateful for all your tips, advice and assessments of Jessie’s behavior you provided me in response to what I was looking for. It helped us be successful and we are all very happy.

Jessie on the

I’m thinking deep thoughts.

We’re always on the lookout for more caring folk who might have room in their hearts and homes for our rescue rabbits, like Jessie. Check our Adoptable Rabbits page or jump into the conversations on Facebook to see if there might be a big eared buddy who is looking for you too.

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