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These rabbits are currently available through New Mexico House Rabbit Society:

 . Sunny .
 . Sunny .
  • Dutch
  • Spayed/Neutered
What a sweet girl Sunny is. This 7 pound girl came into the shelter with a fractured foot but has been in a foster home receiving specialized vet care and is now looking for a quiet home with lots of affection. Sunny is a 1yr old spayed female and is a rare find because she is a lap bunny who really enjoys lots of pets and love. She will need a litter box with low sides so she can hop in easily. Sunny is a sweetheart.

If you are interested in providing a forever home please fill out our adoption application:
Young, Female, Medium
 . Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett .
 . Sweeney Todd & Mrs. Lovett .
  • American
  • Spayed/Neutered
Sweeney Todd (black, M) and Mrs. Lovett (orange, F) were trapped in a park by members of NMHRS. This pair of youngsters are among the friendliness rabbits we have encountered and are so much fun. They love to be with people and run to greet you and beg to be pet. They both have excellent litter box skills but require a large space to live as they are incredibly active and have a lot of energy. They are about 4.5 pounds each. You will absolutely love this pair.

Did you know that rabbits are happier, healthier, and live longer in pairs? Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about living with multiple rabbits.

If you are interested in providing a forever home, please fill out our adoption application:
Young, Male, Medium
 . Tate .
 . Tate .  . Tate .  . Tate .
  • American, Lionhead
  • Spayed/Neutered
Do you love fuzzy cheeks? Then Tate is the bun for you!
Tate was found as a stray when he was about 3 months old at the end of October. He is a friendly energetic bunny who will climb all over you if you sit on the floor with him. Since he is young he still has a lot of energy and would love to show off his binkies for you. He looks forward to his supervised outdoor time so that he can romp, dig, and nibble on fresh grass. Tate is an absolute joy and is guaranteed to make you smile.

If you are interested in Tate please fill out our adoption application here:

Questions? Email
Young, Male, Medium
 . Jewel .
 . Jewel .  . Jewel .
  • American
  • Spayed/Neutered
When little Jewel was surrendered to the City Shelter she was injured and in a lot of pain. Her right hind leg was broken and was very infected.
NMHRS was called and we knew something had to be done immediately so the infection wouldn't become septic and spread throughout her body.

She underwent emergency surgery where they performed a complicated amputation of the injured leg to save her life.

Today, she shines like her name. Her silky fur gleams in the sun and her eyes are bright and happy when she comes for her pets. She is completely healed and has adapted easily to her one hind hopper.

She is a young female at 1.5 yrs old, litter box trained, and spayed. She loves to play and run around and explore. We encourage her forever home to adopt her into a pair since she will have trouble cleaning her other ear without a back foot to reach it. NMHRS can answer all of your rabbit bonding questions - just ask!

If you re interested in Jewel, please fill out an adoption application here:
Adult, Female, Medium
 . Duke & Callibri (bonded pair) .
 . Duke & Callibri (bonded pair) .  . Duke & Callibri (bonded pair) .  . Duke & Callibri (bonded pair) .  . Duke & Callibri (bonded pair) .
  • Bunny Rabbit
  • Spayed/Neutered
Duke (m) and Callibri (f) were born at the shelter on June 19th and have been in foster care since. They are a sweet pair that is on the calmer and quieter side. Callibri has a white stripe on her head and a white chest, while Duke has two white paws and the prettiest eyes you've ever seen. These two must be adopted together. If interested, please email
Young, Male, Medium
 . Maxine and Jarvis (bonded pair) .
 . Maxine and Jarvis (bonded pair) .  . Maxine and Jarvis (bonded pair) .  . Maxine and Jarvis (bonded pair) .  . Maxine and Jarvis (bonded pair) .  . Maxine and Jarvis (bonded pair) .  . Maxine and Jarvis (bonded pair) .
  • Lionhead
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without small kids
Maxine (f) and Jarvis (m) were trapped as strays when they were about 6 weeks old and are estimated to be around a year old in March. They are very fluffy and very tiny - Maxine weighs just under two and a half pounds and Jarvis weighs just under two pounds. Their little bodies make them extra fragile, so they need to go to a home with no dogs or small children. They will also need to be brushed at least once a week to prevent their fur from getting matted. Because they are lionheads they are a little skittish and will need a patient home that understands that their trust must be earned by these adorable munchkins. Maxine and Jarvis must be adopted together and never separated. Please visit if interested. Questions? Email

Did you know that rabbits are happier and live longer in pairs? Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about owning a bonded pair.
Young, Female, Small
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Note: House Rabbit Society does not take in rabbits directly from the public. We only take in rabbits from shelters. For information about finding a home for your rabbit, please visit here

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