• The primary caregiver will be a responsible adult. The adopter acknowledges that children (even teen‐agers) do not have the maturity to be fully responsible for another living creature. The adopter acknowledges that as the adult in the family, they are responsible for the care and well‐being of the adopted rabbit(s).
  • NMHRS expects a LIFETIME commitment to the rabbit you adopt (rabbits can live 8‐12+ years when properly cared for). As a responsible rabbit owner, the adopter will consider the rabbit a family member. The adopter will make every effort to commit to the care of the rabbit for his/her lifetime, even during times when having a rabbit is inconvenient, such as when moving or when experiencing training/behavior difficulties.  
  • The adopter will never physically abuse the rabbit, nor will the adopter allow any other person to do so. The adopter will always supervise any children when they are interacting with the rabbit.
  • NMHRS requires adopted rabbits to be housed inside as indoor family companions in roomy housing (e.g. x‐pens, NIC condos, crates, etc.)  The adopter will provide sufficient living space for the rabbit. The space will be large enough for the rabbit to sit upright, stretch, turn around and be active. It will contain food, toys, and a litterpan. All or some portion of the flooring will be solid. The adopter will use rabbit safe litter, not clay or scoopable litter, or wood shavings.
  • The adopter will rabbit‐proof the area the rabbit accesses for both the rabbit’s safety and that of family’s possessions. The adopter will keep houseplants and electrical wires out of the rabbit’s reach. Electrical cords will be hidden or covered with plastic tubing to prevent accidental electrocution.
  • NMHRS adopts only to those providing a proper diet (unlimited fresh hay, fresh green veggies, pellets and fresh water daily) for their rabbit. Timothy or other grass hay will be provided at all times.
  • NMHRS adopts only to those providing at least 1 hour of daily exercise/playtime for their rabbit outside its enclosure (at least 7 hours weekly). Outdoor playtime is permitted, only under direct supervision and weather permitting (not too hot/cold). Outdoor exercise will be allowed in a safe area which prevents escape from digging and climbing and access by predators. The rabbit will not be allowed outside after dark.
  • NMHRS adopts only to those who will provide routine grooming (brushing, nail trims & scent gland cleaning) for their rabbit. Also, the adopter will check the rabbit’s teeth regularly for overgrowth.
  • NMHRS adopts only to those who will provide regular veterinary care & medical attention as needed for the duration of their rabbit’s lifetime. The adopter will always keep the rabbit in good health, which includes providing the rabbit with regular veterinary care from a veterinarian knowledgeable in rabbit medicine.
  • All NMHRS rabbits are spayed & neutered before adoption. If you wish to bond a NMHRS rabbit to your own, your rabbit must also be altered (spayed/neutered).
  • NMHRS does not allow same‐day adoptions. Bringing a rabbit into the home should be carefully considered. Pre‐approval for adoption is required by filling out the NMHRS adoption application prior to attending an adoption event.
  • In the event of insurmountable circumstances requiring you to relinquish your rabbit, all rabbits adopted from NMHRS must be returned to NMHRS. Adoption fees are considered non‐refundable donations and cannot be reimbursed. The adopter will not sell, give away, or abandon the rabbit.

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