NMHRS History

New Mexico HRS was founded in the summer of 2009 thanks to a crisis with a local rabbit rescuer/hoarder. We had been, until that time, a small group of volunteers who worked together to help the rabbits at Albuquerque Animal Services. By the time the crisis was over, we were an official chapter of HRS.

A local man and his wife who had been rescuing rabbits on their own, but failing to spay or neuter them, took in more than they could handle, and they began breeding and getting out of the pens that he set up for them. By the time our volunteers got involved, there were over 300 rabbits; that total would eventually rise to over 350.

We reached out to rabbit rescue groups, HRS chapters, and shelters around the country for help, and were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of hundreds of people. Because of the strain to our resources, we realized we needed to incorporate, get our non-profit status from the government, and become an HRS chapter. Without this crisis, NMHRS may not have ever gotten off the ground.

We want to thank the following groups for helping by transporting, taking rabbits, helping with spay/neuters, and other forms of assistance:

Dreampower Rescue
Wild Rescue
Tiny Paws Rescue
Rabbit Meadows Sanctuary
Rivers Wish Animal Sanctuary
Bunderground Railroad
Red Barn Rescue
St. Louis House Rabbit Society
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
Portland Rabbit Advocates
Santa Fe Humane Society
Quixote Humane Society
Tranquility Trail
Bunny Bunch
Denver Dumb Friends League
Colorado HRS
Tails Humane Society
Boulder Humane Society
Watermelon Ranch
NW Colorado HRS
Animal Welfare Society
Hippity Hop Rabbit Rescue
Heart and Soul Sanctuary
Prairie Dog Pals
Animal Friends Rescue Project
Rabbit Haven
Judges Park Rescue
Buckeye HRS
Western PA Humane Society
Felines and Friends
Animal Friends
Rio Rancho Animal Control
Albuquerque Animal Control
Animal Humane Society
Southwest Veterinary Medical Center
Petroglyphs Animal Hospital
El Rincon Pet Hospital

Thanks to our amazing volunteers: Bill and Debbie Velasquez, Deb Schaefer, Criss Starr, Margo DeMello, Lori and Joel Korngut, Theresa Michael, Kerrie Bushway, Donna Woodford, Amy Frankowski, Ted and Lisen Kreuger, Evyn Balog, Christee King, Fred Buck, Beth Wagner, Victoria Perez, Alisha Sena & Ernest, Cathy Sweeney, Kelly Walter, Ed Urbanski and Yvonne Boudreaux, for valiantly handling this crisis.

Thanks also to the following drivers from around the country who are driving legs of these journeys: Maria del Carmen Martinez, Marjorie Manahan, Cathy Sweeney and Steve Giere, Bee Friedlander and Don Garlit, Christine Morrisey, Sonya Leonard, Jennifer Lee, Laurie Gigous, Phyllis McLaughlin, Allison Millard, Kate Thomas, Deb Schaefer and Dave Streubel, Donna and Wayne Logan, Joel Korngut, Tom Beard, Criss Starr, Margo DeMello, Tom Young, Kit Jagoda, Shari and Jeff Dippong, Megan Metzger, Suaz Forsyth, Julie Hines, and Angie Kelly.

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