Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in adopting this rabbit that you have available. When can I meet him/her?

All adoptions start with the adoption application, which can be accessed at We do not do meet and greets with rabbits until you have an approved application.

I can no longer keep my rabbit. Will you take him?

We do not take rabbits from the public, so you have two options: 1) surrender your rabbit to your local shelter or 2) do a courtesy listing with us (see below).

What is a courtesy listing and how do I do one with you?

A courtesy listing means that we will list your rabbit on PetFinder to help you find a new home for him/her. We screen all interested people through our adoption application and then put any approved applicants directly in touch with you to complete the process. Your rabbit must be spayed or neutered to qualify and they need to stay with you until a new home is found. We cannot guarantee a timeline. If you would like to do this, please email with the vet record showing proof of spay/neuter, a blurb about your rabbit that lists his/her personality, age, special quirks/traits, favorite things, etc, and photos (more is better).

Which shelter should I surrender my rabbit to?

You are restricted to the shelter that services your city or county, so unfortunately you do not get to pick and choose. You may need to make an appointment so please visit your city’s website for more information. Shelters include (but are not limited to): Albuquerque Animal Welfare (this is the only option in Albuquerque as the humane society will not take rabbits), Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, Bernalillo County Animal Resource Center (for residents who live in Bernalillo County but NOT Albuquerque), Rio Rancho Animal Control, and Valencia County Shelter.

I want to volunteer with NMHRS. How do I get more information?

Please read through our volunteer packet (below) and then return the last page to This will get you added to our volunteer email list, which is where all of the volunteer opportunities get sent out. You then reply to the opportunities that you are interested in.

I need a pet sitter. Do you know anyone who will sit or board rabbits?

Please view our list of rabbit sitters here or here. Note that these are all independent parties and are in no way endorsed by NMHRS.

Where can I get my rabbit spayed/neutered and/or vaccinated for RHDV2?

We have a list of area veterinarians who will see rabbits on our website here. Please note that it might be a little outdated.

The cost to spay/neuter my rabbit is really high. Is there a low-cost option?

Unfortunately no, there is nowhere else that offers a lower price. Adopting a rabbit from a rescue or shelter will save you hundreds of dollars because they are already spayed/neutered, and sometimes already vaccinated, too.

I have a stray rabbit in my yard. What should I do?

Please read our article on what to do here.

Can you tell me why my rabbit is behaving this way?

Most likely, the answer to your question is on so please start there. If you still can’t find an answer, please submit your question through this link.

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