Our Medical Foster Rabbits


Scooter showed up at the Bernalillo County Animal Care Center in 2020 with an abscess behind his left eye that was pushing the eyeball out. He was able to keep the eye after undergoing emergency surgery, as well as a secondary surgery. He also lost a half pound in just two weeks which led us to discover a testosterone issue that we are still currently trying to treat.

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Primo was caught as a stray in January with a healed over jaw injury. Unfortunately, the risk of corrective surgery outweighed the benefit so his jaw will always look a little wonky. This does not slow him down though, he can eat mushed pellets just fine and is happy and healthy.

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The Mayor

The Mayor lived outside as a stray for weeks while someone fed him and tried to catch him on their own. By the time they realized they could reach out to us for help with trapping him, he had suffered an injury to the eye that became infected. Sadly the eye could not be saved and resulted in enucleation.

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Lipton was brought to the City of Albuquerque Eastside Shelter as a stray where a volunteer noticed that he was laying face down in his cage. Upon picking him up to take a look at him, he began to have an episode of extremely distressed breathing that sounded like choking. The volunteer reported the episode to the clinic and they determined there was nothing wrong with him. Of course, this wasn’t actually the case so the volunteer contacted us. Lipton is currently being treated for a severe upper respiratory infection.

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Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne was found as a stray in Los Lunas. The person who found him noticed that he seemed to have a leg injury so she contacted us and we took him into foster care where it became apparent that he could not use his back legs. We immediately took him to the vet and the x-rays showed that he had multiple pelvis fractures that caused his leg muscles to atrophy, as well as E.C. Bruce has loving foster parents who patiently helped him through some physical therapy while also giving him E.C. medication. Slowly but surely, he started gaining mobility in his legs. Today, Bruce can binky and run.

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Presley was picked up from the shelter in mid March 2024 after being on a stray hold for 5 days with a broken leg. It was determined by our regular vet that the leg could not be saved and Presley underwent amputation surgery in early April. He is currently recovering in a cozy foster home.

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Maisie was surrendered by her elderly owner who was no longer able to care for her. We received Maisie severely overweight and unable to groom herself causing an infection in her undercarriage. Maisie has already lost a pound in foster care due to proper diet and exercise. She has finished antibiotics for the infection and we’re expecting her to be able to keep herself clean on her own very soon.

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