Help! I’ve found a bunny!

Firstly, thank you for your concern. A domesticated bunny won’t survive for long in the wild – but here are some questions to help you decide what you should do next.

A wild cottontail rabbit

A wild cottontail rabbit

Is it a wild bunny?

If the bunny is a wild species, and isn’t ill you may need to do nothing at all. Also a wild baby bunny may not be orphaned. If you still think it’s an orphaned or injured cottontail or jackrabbit, please visit Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico or call them at 505-344-2500.

If it’s a domestic bunny, can you catch it?

If it’s on your property, you may be able to catch it. See our page How to Round Up a Stray. When secured you can take it to your local animal care shelter.
Santa Fe Animal Shelter: (505) 768-1975, Albuquerque Animal Shelter: (505) 768-1975 or search for your local animal control.

If it’s a domestic bunny and you still can’t catch it…

In absolute emergencies, call 312-771-8888 to speak to an NMHRS volunteer who can further assist you.

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