Help! I’ve found a bunny!

Firstly, thank you for your concern. A domesticated bunny won’t survive for long in the wild – but here are some questions to help you decide what you should do next.

A wild cottontail rabbit

Is it a wild bunny?

If the bunny is a wild species and isn’t ill you may need to do nothing at all. Also a wild baby bunny may not be orphaned. If you still think it’s an orphaned or injured cottontail or jackrabbit, contact either Wildlife Rescue of New Mexico / 505-344-2500 (Albuquerque area) or New Mexico Wildlife Center / (505) 753-9505 (Santa Fe area).

If it’s a domestic bunny, can you catch it?

If it’s on your property, you may be able to catch it. See our page How to Round Up a Stray. When secured you can take it to your local animal care shelter.
Santa Fe Animal Shelter: (505) 768-1975, Albuquerque Animal Shelter: (505) 768-1975 or search for your local animal control.

If it’s a domestic bunny and you still can’t catch it…

In emergencies, call 312-771-8888 to speak to an NMHRS volunteer who can further assist you.

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