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These rabbits are currently available through New Mexico House Rabbit Society:

 . DJ .
 . DJ .
  • Bunny Rabbit
  • Spayed/Neutered
Seeking 'a room with a view'

This is DJ, a mixed breed bunny rabbit and (more importantly) an aspiring New Mexican mountaineer.

Perhaps inspired by the Sandias, this boy is an energetic climber. He'd like to get a really good view.. no, no, a bit higher, yes, right up there.

He will attempt to ascend walls, blinds, his kennel... He will climb up to the window sill, through the blinds, to sit on the window ledge.

He's energetic, curious, and funny. He won't however tolerate being picked up unless it's very quickly, just to get him unstuck from any weird spot he's squeezed himself into.

He's about 2 months old right now, so will be ready for adoption following his neuter in November 2016. He's been in foster since early August from the Albuquerque shelter.

He'll be medium sized when adult.

He has good litter box skills which are improving daily. His favourite treats are carrot and cucumber.

Need a little more excitement in your life? This one will keep you busy. Can you offer patient supervision and an assault course of furniture challenges?

***DJ is currently being fostered for the Albuquerque East Side Animal Shelter, but you can register your interest with his foster carer by emailing***
Young, Male, Medium
 . Jessie .
 . Jessie .  . Jessie .  . Jessie .
  • Dutch
  • Spayed/Neutered
Here is a sneak preview of wonderful little bun called Jessie. She's too young for a new home just now, but in four months (around January 2017), after her spay, she'll be ready for her forever home.

This tiny bundle of joy arrived at the Albuquerque East Side Shelter and was fostered from early August. Since then she's been having way too much fun in her foster home. She is full of beans (before she needs her nap time) and has been enthusiastically engaging in bunny gymnastics.

During one practice session she boldly launched herself straight up in the air and landed wedged between the couch and the wall. She had to be helped out.

Her personality is energetic, curious, sweet, and cuddly. Cuddly until the end of her attention span that is. Quite the homebody, when she takes her afternoon siesta, she likes to roll up the towels in her pen before lying down.

Jessie has classic Dutch rabbit markings, a white band across her shoulders, and a face with a little snip of white ending on her nose. We think she'll be a beautiful medium sized adult.

Her litter-box skills are good and improving daily. Her current favourite treats are carrot and cucumber.

Jessie will be an excellent first bunny, especially since she's been handled so much from such a young age. This might be an excellent opportunity for someone to prepare their home (and family) for an incoming bun in advance! Jessie will be be quite the catch, so let us know if you're interested!

***Jessie is currently being fostered for the Albuquerque East Side Animal Shelter, but you can register your interest with her foster carer by emailing***
Baby, Female, Medium
 . Cinco .
 . Cinco .
  • Bunny Rabbit
  • Spayed/Neutered
Cinco is a young prince seeking appropriate adoration. We liken him to heroic swordsman Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.

Although young, he is pure muscle and very athletic. His big ears and feet indicate that he will be a large adult rabbit, so he needs to go to a home where he will have lots of room to run.

His least favorite thing is being picked up (“Unhand me, human!”) but this nobleman also has a sensitive side. He adores to have his head petted and will wait for you to pet his head every time you walk by. He’s a real sweetie and you will often see him very relaxed (or even sleeping) and has on occasion gently tugged at his caregiver's shirt to implore more attention.

With an active mind, he will pass the time by chewing. His favorite thing to chew is pine cones although if one isn't available he'll chew whatever else is.

He was turned into the shelter on Cinco de Mayo as a stray, and has been in attentive foster since May 7th. He is house trained with very good litterbox skills. His favourite foods are collard greens, romaine, and cilantro.

He would be comfortable as an only-bunny during his formative years, but this is a bunny fit to give and receive endless love and attention, and a bunny partner would ultimately satisfy this need.

Can you offer a home with sufficient stimulation to keep this bright, young champion engaged, whilst doting on him in the fashion he deserves?

***Cinco is currently being fostered for the Albuquerque East Side Animal Shelter, but you can register your interest with his foster carer by emailing***
Young, Male, Large
 . Pearl .
 . Pearl .  . Pearl .
  • Californian
Pearl is a Pearl of a rabbit. Her time was up at a northern New Mexico shelter until she was rescued by NM House Rabbit Society. She is 5.5 pounds and the vet thinks she's about 6-7 months old. She's s little shy but if you hold her, she'll sit with you for 20-30 minutes and seems to enjoy it. Her litter box skills are good, although in a larger room she urinates in her box but sometimes only poops right next to the box which stopped when a larger litter box was put in place. In comes up to her foster mom and runs around her legs, happy to see her. She's somewhat of a picky eater and doesn't like bananas and eats only certain greens. She's a dainty eater and very sweet. She'll make a great single rabbit or a good companion for a lonely bunny bachelor.
Young, Female, Medium
 . Basil and Clover .
 . Basil and Clover .  . Basil and Clover .  . Basil and Clover .
  • Lionhead
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Special Needs
Basil (black) and Clover (tan) are a closely bonded pair of male dwarf lionhead mix bunnies. They are about two years old, and weigh 5 lbs and 4 lbs, respectively. These handsome boys with lionhead manes have it all...personality and looks. They are curious and energetic and need 2-3 hours a day of romp about time outside of their pen. They have good litterbox habits and are eager eaters of pellets and hay. They love their daily salad greens! They adore head pets and cuddles at floor level, but are not big fans of being picked up.

Basil is a special needs bunny in that he was surrendered, with his mate Clover, to a shelter with a badly broken right hind leg. The vets went into action and following a surgery to put a pin in his broken tibia, his hind leg was put in a soft cast for 5 weeks. His tibia has healed very well, but he eventually lost the toes on his right foot. However, he is the little bunny that could, he gets around so well, running, binkying and all. The vet gave him an all clear as his leg has healed so well. Basil and Clover have been fostered for 5 months since surgery date and are doing very well! Because of Basil's special needs we prefer that this adorable pair go into a rabbit savvy home in the Santa Fe or Albuquerque area because we have discounts set up with trusted vets in these locations.

Interested in giving these adorable bunnies a home? Email
Adult, Male, Small
 . Georgie .
 . Georgie .  . Georgie .  . Georgie .
  • Californian
  • Spayed/Neutered
Georgie had a rough start in life. He was found crammed into a backyard hutch with his siblings, abandoned when the owners moved away. Covered in urine stains and skinny, he looked nothing like the handsome young man he is today! While in foster, he has come out of his shell and loves to interact with humans. If you're looking for a friendly bunny, look no further! He is about 2 years old. If you want to bring Georgie into your home and give him love forever, contact Bill at
Adult, Male, Medium
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Note: House Rabbit Society does not take in rabbits directly from the public. We only take in rabbits directly from shelters. For information about finding a home for your rabbit, please visit here


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