NMHRS is seeking volunteers who love rabbits and who want to help us with our mission!

Volunteers opportunities include…

  • visiting the rabbits at the Albuquerque or  Santa Fe animal shelters
  • fostering
  • fundraising
  • helping spread education and awareness with PR and web work
View our volunteer handbook here.

Volunteering at the City Of Albuquerque Eastside Shelter

All New Mexico House Rabbit Society volunteers have the opportunity to skip general orientation with the shelter staff and go straight to rabbit orientation through NMHRS. This option is for RABBITS ONLY.

Volunteer opportunities include…

  • Grooming: Brushing, haircuts, nail trims

  • Enrichment: Taking bunnies out of their cages for exercise, petting/loving on them, making toys

  • Bunny Breaks: Take home a rabbit for a few days to give them a break from the stressful environment of the shelter

  • Adoption Assistance: Update photos, bios, and kennel cards, as well as answer questions from potential adopters about proper rabbit care

No experience is required. You will be trained in any opportunity you are interested in. After rabbit orientation, you will be able to volunteer on your own time at the City of Albuquerque Eastside Shelter or participate in periodically scheduled group volunteer time. If you would like to sign up please click here or email kayla@newmexicohrs.org.

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