March is May’s homecoming

May exploring her new home

Congratulations to May and her new family! May was adopted into a new home after our March 11th event at Albuquerque Eastside shelter.

May had a tough start in life. She was turned into the Albuquerque shelter at about 4 months old because the house she was at had too many rabbits. Luckily one of NMHRS’ volunteers fostered her, with two of her sisters, where she learned to come out of her shell.

May has been spending lots of time exploring her new home and chinning everything she can. Her family adores her and is taking extra care to make sure May is as happy and as healthy as she can be.

May’s new family spent the two weeks before the adoption event communicating with her foster mom to make sure they had all of May’s favorite things on hand for when they brought her home. We’re wishing May her new family a happy and healthy life together for a very long time.

May finding all the best hidey holes!

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