Coming Soon – Hoppy Hour

We apologise but we have had to postpone our proposed Santa Fe Hoppy Hour in August, but we still want to bring this event to New Mexico soon.

Hoppy Hour is an indoor, social time for healthy, spayed or neutered rabbits and their humans. Bunnies hop around together in an enriched play environment, while their humans watch the action from the sidelines and talk bunny.

Large rabbit group dynamics are very different from one-on-one bunny encounters so playtime is monitored by ‘bunny bouncers’ to be sure everybunny plays nicely.

To see what fun goes on, here is an early Hoppy Hour from San Diego.

And a Hoppy Hour from Twin Cities in MN, where they have taken place for over five years. 

If you’d like to register your interest for this event in the future email

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