2013 Spring Bake Sale at Petco West…A great success!

A HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers who made the NMHRS THIRD annual Bake Sale possible! From baking to selling to advertising and clean-up, this was a team effort and as usual we nibbled and binkied our way to a THUMPING success!
Early in the day Kyle stopped by and took a load of baked goods over to the Mama’s Minerals event…..What a great idea that was! The Mama’s team sold 135.00 in bake sale goods at their location!
Total Sales today for the bake sale after the CC fees were $555.12
(someone threw in their pocket change for the odd amount)
There were enough leftovers that a large pan of cupcakes were given to our PetCo hosts and Matt the general manager of the store came out to thank us and let us know we are always welcome back.
The rest of the leftovers (it was all this and that, there was no single item that didn’t sell well, everything was popular) of which there was a pretty sizable amount will be delivered by Beth to the CABQ shelter tomorrow morning to thank the shelter volunteers and employees for their service.

pretty saleswoman, DennellThank you again to everyone who made this happen!

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