Volunteer Spotlight – Iris

IrisIris K.

“Iris came to love rabbits when she learned her husband had allergies to many pets, but not bunnies. The best $5 she ever spent was adopting her first rabbit, BunBun – an agouti cutie – from a Virginia shelter. BunBun worked overtime teaching Iris the finer points of being a bunny slave. Soon, BunBun demanded a companion, and Trixie joined their family from a nearby Maryland shelter. And Iris, with great effort, learned to bond her first pair of bunnies successfully.

So began Iris’ bunny fascination ten years ago, which continues to this day. Upon moving to New Mexico, a friend suggested she join NMHRS and volunteer with shelter bunnies. Now, in addition to fostering rabbits for NMHRS and being the NMHRS shelter coordinator in Santa Fe, Iris socializes shelter rabbits on a regular basis, helps organize NMHRS adoption events and can be found talking about rabbits to anyone who will listen! She’s also been active with large feral rabbit rescue efforts in Canada, and currently has 5 rescue rabbits scampering through her house. Most of all, Iris wants everyone to know what wonderful companion animals rabbits can be.”

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