Our Favorite Items on Chewy – December 2020

It can be hard to determine whether something marketed for rabbits is safe, since all too often we see dangerous items at pet retailers. Here are the things we like at Chewy.com. We are in no way affiliated with Chewy and receive no commission from any sales. We just like guiding bunny parents to correct items.


Science Selective House Rabbit Food – 3.3lb Bag

Oxbow Essential Bunny Basics – 5, 10, or 25lb Bag

Small Pet Select Timothy-Based Pellets – 5, 10, or 25lb Bag


Science Selective Naturals Meadow Loops

Science Selective Naturals Garden Sticks

Oxbow Simple Rewards – Oven Baked

Small Pet Select Healthy Snackers


Oxbow Apple Stick Bundle

Oxbow Timothy Twists

Oxbow Twisty Rings

Niteangel Set of 3 Balls

Oxbow Play Wall

Oxbow Hay Wrap Chew Toy

Peter’s Woven Grass Ball

Oxbow Timothy Carrot

Peter’s Woven Grass Mat

Oxbow Hay Barrel

Oxbow Hide & Seek Timothy Mat

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