2022 RHDV2 Vaccine Clinic

Reservations for our RHDV2 Vaccine Clinic are now open! Please read through the information below and then click the link at the bottom to sign up.

WHEN AND WHERE IS THE CLINIC? April 23rd and May 14th from 1:30 to about 5:00 at Southwest Veterinary Medical Center.

WHICH VACCINE WILL BE USED AT THE CLINIC? Medgene. This is currently the only vaccine available in the United States.

HOW IS THIS VACCINE DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE USED LAST YEAR? Last year’s clinic used the Filovac vaccine. The biggest difference is that the Medgene vaccine requires two doses. This is why our clinic is two days this year.

CAN I CHOOSE WHICH DATE TO ATTEND THE CLINIC? No – you need to attend BOTH dates because the vaccine requires two doses to be effective. If you do not attend the first date you will not be permitted to attend the second date. If you skip the second date, you will not receive a vaccine certificate because your rabbit will not be fully vaccinated.

IF MY RABBIT PREVIOUSLY RECEIVED THE FILOVAC VACCINE CAN THEY GET THE MEDGENE VACCINE? Yes. Rabbits who have previously been vaccinated with the Filovac vaccine will need both doses of the Medgene vaccine to stay up to date. In order to be eligible for our clinic, your rabbit will need to have been vaccinated before July 15th, 2021.

BUT MY RABBIT ONLY NEEDS A BOOSTER THIS YEAR AFTER GETTING THE FILOVAC VACCINE LAST YEAR. If your rabbit received the Filovac vaccine last year and now needs a booster, the ONLY option is to receive the 2-dose Medgene vaccine. Because your rabbit is switching vaccines, they are essentially starting over and will need both doses of the Medgene vaccine.

WHAT IF MY RABBIT HAS ALREADY RECEIVED THE MEDGENE VACCINE? Then it is too early for them to receive their booster and they are ineligible to attend the clinic.

DOES MY RABBIT NEED A BOOSTER EVERY YEAR WITH THE MEDGENE VACCINE? Yes, but the annual booster is only one dose.

HOW MUCH WILL THE CLINIC COST? $65 per rabbit. We know that is more than previous years. Unfortunately, a 2-dose vaccine doubles the cost.

WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VACCINE? Check out our blog here: https://newmexicohrs.org/new-rhdv2-vaccine-from-medgene/

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? You will not be allowed to leave your vehicle and may be required to wear a mask.

HOW DO I RESERVE A VACCINE OR BOOSTER? Click here: https://forms.gle/MV8caernWSJPpAk86If slots are still available you will be sent an invoice. You need to pay the invoice within 7 days or you will lose your spot. Please be patient with us since we send the invoices manually.

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