Lula Jane falls for a California college boy

Lula Jane ThumperAlbino Lula Jane (formerly Ghostie from Santa Fe Shelter and Humane Society) and her bonded mate, Thumper, are clearly living the good life in their adoptive home. Thumper was born to a rabbit from a large southern CA college campus rescue operation, and Lula Jane was a stray wandering a Santa Fe neighborhood. Found with ticks, fleas and then suffering two bouts of cuterebra, she was fostered and nursed back to health by a couple of our volunteers. A call into the NMHRS helpline requesting a bonding was fielded by yet another volunteer. Finally, a different NMHRS volunteer bonded Thumper & Lula Jane in late 2014. They have been living the pampered house bunny life ever since in their wonderful home!

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