Dennell Sandoval-Newhall Memorial Fund


We at NMHRS are devastated by the loss of our beloved friend and volunteer, Dennell.

She left us too young.  Her love of all animals remains with us. So many were saved because of her. There is a hole in our hearts and a bigger hole where the animals roam, but we know she is surrounded by fur and love now. Your donation will be used for the medical fund, which was one of Dennell’s passions. Her heart was drawn to the sick and injured. Now they all have an Angel watching over them. You may leave a few words in the comments section if you wish.  Facebook users may need to open this page in their web browsers to comment.


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  1. Dennell was my cousin and I know she would love the fact that you’re honoring her with this. Donation sent on her behalf so that you can continue with the work she so loved to do. There is a hole in our hearts – but so many beautiful memories we get to carry with us until we meet again.

  2. Bill & Karen Stewart

    Although we didn’t know Dennell personally, we are friends with Meg & Russell Newhall, her in-laws, who loved her and thought she was a wonderful, sweet, kind person. We’ll be making a donation to this fund and keeping the family in our prayers. Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

  3. Dennell helped me so much ; I inherited two bunnies my oldest daughter had brought home (& left when she went off to school). Dennell shared her expertise & loaned me a crate until I was able to purchase an appropriate hutch for them to live in .. I am saddened to hear of her passing … she was an exceptional young lady. My prayers go out to her family.

  4. Wowski and Wallace

    We are in shock. Dennell was so kind to us when she let us stay with her for over a week. Her smile lit up the room and we binky at the thought of her. Our hearts are with her family.

  5. I am shocked and so so sad. Dennell had an enormous heart and was such a kind soul. If there is a heaven, then she is certainly there now. She has earned her spot.

  6. Amazing people are all around us doing amazing things everyday, creating, dedicating, and giving of themselves to a purpose. They do things not to receive recognition or acolades but to achieve a greater purpose for the better of someone or something else. Dennell was this person who gave her love for her beloved rabbits, but her love didn’t stop there it echoed in her life with her family and friends. She was an incredible human being with the biggest heart any one could have. I am blessed and honored to have been given the opportunity to call her Sis…..

  7. Even though we didn’t know Dennell personally, her sister made us laugh with many stories of Dennell and their family. Our hearts go out to her family. We are so blessed to have Ulyssis in our lives and feel that we knew Dennell because of Ulyssis.

  8. Dennell was — and shall always in my mind remain — a truly exceptional person. Her love of all animals, from rabbits to stray cats and raccoons, was just one of her many endearing features that will be missed. For many of the staff at BHI, Dennell was probably the first person they worked with. And it is so very sad that we will no longer have her to welcome future new people into the company, as we always knew how adeptly and courteously she helped bring people into the family. I’ll miss our hallway chats and laughs, her patience in answering questions and requests, and just her friendly presence around the office. Our thoughts are with your husband and family now (both furred and human) during this sad and terrible time, Dennell. Here’s wishing you peaceful travels.

  9. Dennell was a friend who always had a comforting word for me. She was an example of the kind of person we all strive to be. One of her great passions was giving a voice to those that had none. Her love and dedication will live on through this fund that willl provide care for those that are physically and emotionally broken. She truly is an angel looking down on every bunny.

  10. Celina & Ralph Levine

    We are still numb and in disbelief at the thought of losing our beautiful and vibrant animal advocate, Dennell. When you were in her midst, you knew you were with a true friend of the heart. Her warm, welcoming manner and radiant smile exuded compassion for all who needed her. Though she had a busy schedule, she made extra time to come to city council and county commission meetings to show her support for better funding for shelter animals and for better anti-cruelty laws for all animals. Dennell was a gift to all who knew her and to the Animal Welfare movement. Now she has taken her rightful place as an angel in heaven, no doubt beautifying heaven as she beautified our world.

  11. I found Dennell to be such a lovely and kind person. I think back warmly on the personal notes of gratitude she’d send for however I was able to contribute to the bunnies. My heart and thoughts go out to her husband Ryan and all of her family, they’ve lost a bit of the light in their lives.

  12. No words can express the sadness I feel upon hearing Dennell’s abrupt passing. I have such fond memories of her and her siblings when we were all children. She was always so sweet and kind and grew up to be a beautiful, generous person. My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time with her as we got older. Even though her life was too brief on this earth, she clearly made a positive impact on all who knew her.

  13. I did not know Dennell, but I had the opportunity to work with her sister, Ulyssis, who wrote a beautiful tribute to her sister. Ulyssis’s tribute said that Dennell was one of the amazing people in the world who contributed to make the world a better place and did not do so for accolades. I know that Dennell was truly amazing from seeing the tribute from the New Mexico Rabbit Sanctuary and also because Ulyssis is also that sort of amazing, big-hearted person. In her work Ulyssis cares for children and teachers and a school community, and is she is dearly loved herself. I am so sorry for the loss of Ulyssis’ beloved sister Dennell, and I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to her and to her family.

  14. Dennell was the best aunt I could have asked for. But she was a even better godmother! We had the same interests which always led us back to our favorite thing….food! I will remember all our talks and how she cared for me. I miss and hope she knows how much I loved her!

  15. I’ve been thinking of all the grateful things I could express about my “sis” Dennell over the past week and a half. This is one appreciative memory of many. Dennell accepted me into her life with no prejudice regarding my outdoor lifestyle. I’d like to think she gave me forgiveness and a more open view of our animal world.

    I love her as a I do my wife Ulyssis and her brother Ken. Society speaks of “in-laws” but I have none. I have another father (Waldy), mother (Vivian) and brothers Ken and Ryan.

    I love you Dennell!

  16. Ulyssis, I am so sorry for your loss. After reading about Dennell, she reminds me of a person with the same wonderful qualities as you. To all of her loved ones, I send my condolences. I hope your faith in God will sustain you while you grieve.

  17. Dennell even though I did not know you personally I knew of you from all the fascinating and funny stories your sister told me of you. My heart and thoughts goes out to the family.

  18. Miel Castagna-Herrera

    Dennell’s kindness, passion, love, loyalty and dedication to anything or anyone that meant something to her is boundless and can still be felt. That energy was too strong to be lost. We love her and will miss her terribly. The heart break of loosing her is unbearable and my only consolation is that I had the honor to be a part of her amazing and beautiful life. How lucky we are to have known her if only for a short time.

  19. What a loss of such a beautiful, kind and giving person.
    Her sudden death is a reminder to be loving and generous to those we admire and cherish as we can all be taken from this world in a flash.

  20. I have had the great good fortune and pleasure of working with Dennell every day for over a decade. She was such an exceptional person, hugely compassionate and loving, completely dedicated to her work, her family, and her bunnies. She always found time to listen to coworkers with a problem or a story and she made you feel like you were all that mattered in that moment. A most generous and kind soul. We are all heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend.

  21. Ulyssis, John, Jonathan, Annie, and All of Dennell’s Family,
    You all have been in my thoughts and prayers since hearing the sad news of the sudden loss of Dennell. The pain of losing a loved one is etched deep within each and every heart. Hold on to the memories to help soften the hurt. My condolences to the entire family.

  22. I did not know Dennell but have known Ryan and his parents for many years. Meg and Russell loved her so much her and considered her a dughter! Ryan adored her and was devoted to her mission to help “the bunnies” ! My thoughts and prayers are with them.
    I am making a donation to this memorial fund to help continue the work she loved!

  23. One of the most genuine – and genuinely nice – people I have ever known.

  24. DeeAnne Meliopoulos

    I never knew this woman but because of the memorial fund she inspired, I am getting help to care for my sick bunny who I adopted from NMHRS right now. Any friend of animals is a great person in my book. I am so grateful that her legacy will help provide the best care for my bunny. I am in a transitionary period at the moment which makes finances tight but I certainly plan to give back to this great cause when I am in a position to do so.

  25. Denny….. I miss you more with every day that passes. I pray that my children and Ken’s daughters will remember your spirit and heart and will continue where you left off with saving your bunnies. I love you!! Your Sis…..

  26. Linda Bairstow

    I am so surprised to learn of Dennell’s passing ~ she was so young!! ~ and am feeling the loss of a special person. She opened her home and her heart to a group of children, the Critter Club, so share her furry family and all the love with us. I’ll always remember her standing there, so enthusiastic and sincere, passing around the bunnies to the children.

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