Rainbow Bridge

Our Rainbow Bridge page is dedicated to all the wonderful bunnies who have given us joy and companionship in untold measure while on this earth, and cherished memories which will be with us forever.  We will miss you always and treasure your presence in our lives, however brief or long.

If you would like to add a memorial to your bunny, e-mail a message and a photo (photo not required) to: bill@newmexicohrs.org

If you would like to send a donation in memory of your companion, please donate via our donation link and note your rabbit’s name in the notes.


My baby girl Maisy went to heaven June 27th. She was the best companion I’ve ever had. I love you to the moon and back. Miss you so much.

Tiger Lily and Snowflake









In 2007 NMHRS was a small group of volunteers working primarily through Petco stores.  We would take rabbits from the city shelter, spay and neuter them, and place them in one of two Petco stores until they were adopted.   We had several dedicated volunteers who would spend evenings letting the rabbits out in the store in large pens so that they could get exercise and social interaction.  One of our most dedicated volunteers, Deb S, was there one night to socialize a rabbit in the store when she was told by the employees that somebody had dropped off two rabbits and they were in the back.   The store employees were afraid of what would happen to the rabbits if they did not take them.   Deb has a huge heart and she took in the two bunnies as fosters knowing how hard it would be to find them a home and that she may have them with her forever.   Once they were old enough, we had them spayed.

As cute as they were, few people are interested in pairs even though rabbits do best in pairs.  So, they were in foster care a long time.  Finally in early 2009 their luck changed when they met Steve and Debbie L.  This wonderful couple adopted them and took them home to Quemado, NM where they thrived in a loving and caring home.  Steve and Debbie lost Tiger Lily in 2012 and Snowflake in 2016.  These two girls are two of the luckiest rabbits we know because they found such a wonderful home.  They finally knew the love they deserved and we are grateful to volunteers like Deb, who give so many rabbits a chance.   All of NMHRS is grieving the loss of these two wonderful bunnies and we wish peace for Steve and Debbie.


ruby bunny

Read an article from 2011 describing Ruby’s adoption.



Mr. Bear


Princess Toffee Sprinkles

Princes Toffee


We love you and miss you!
Rose & Justin


Audrey was a small white rabbit with pink eyes who came arrived in New Mexico thanks to the efforts of Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue in Southern California. She was dropped off at a shelter there with a broken back, but after moving to New Mexico, got to scoot around her new house wearing a diaper and a little athletic sock which protected her trailing feet and back end. She loved to visit the other rabbits, snuggle with her boyfriend Junior, but she especially loved to go camping and explore the world.  She was a shooting star, and she will be deeply missed.


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