Area Veterinarians

This web site contains a listing of New Mexico veterinarians who are experienced in rabbit medicine. This listing is based on recommendations received by New Mexico House Rabbit Society from experienced rabbit rescuers and caregivers in the state.

New Mexico House Rabbit Society makes NO CLAIMS regarding these recommendations.

Before placing your rabbit’s life under any veterinarian’s care, be sure to ask the appropriate questions to ensure that your rabbit is in good hands. For more information on how to do this properly, please check out our FAQ on How to Find a Good Rabbit Vet.

Don’t assume that because one veterinarian at a particular animal hospital is experienced with rabbits, that all of the associates are. If you call for an appointment, and are offered an appointment with an associate who is not known to you, insist on seeing the vet you asked for. When calling, please indicate you got the vet’s name from New Mexico House Rabbit Society.



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